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1.  BE COMPLETE and TRUTHFUL about your health history!  Please notify the Examinder if you are unsure or have any questions regarding the questions.  Per FMCSA Regulations, deliberate omission or falsification of information may invalidate the examination and any certificate.

2.  The Examiner will review your health history and medications with you.

3.  General physical observation and weight check.

4.  Blood pressure and pulse check.

5.  Vision acuity exam, peripheral vision assessment, and eye exam.

6.  Hearing assessment and ear exam.

7.  Lung and Heart auscultation.

8.  Observation and Palpation of the abdomen.

9.  Orthopedic assessment of the spine and extremities.

10.  Urinalysis to check for glucose, protein, blood, and specific gravity.

11.  Review of any additional testing or documentation that may be needed.


Upon passing the DOT Physical exam, the driver will receive their medical certificate and long forms.

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1.  Current Driver's license/CDL/ID card and current Medical Card (if applicable).
2.  Medications - Know the names and dosages of any Prescription or OTC medication you are taking.
3.  Corrective Lenses - Bring your corrective glasses or contact lenses if applicable.
4.  Hearing Aids - Bring your hearing aids if applicable.
5.  CPAP Compliance reports - Drivers with Sleep Apnea need to bring reports for the past 30 and 90-day usage.
6.  Cardiac Echo/Stress test reports - Drivers with Cardiovascular disease need to be tested annually and bring the most recent test results to your exam.
7.  Diabetes - Drivers need to get A1c blood work every 3 months - bring your most recent lab results to your exam.
8.  Blood Thinners - Drivers need to get INR blood work every month - bring your most recent lab results to your exam.
9.  Medication Release Form signed by your Primary Care Physician - Certain medications to treat conditions, such as anti-depressants, ADD/ADHD, mental health disorders, sleep disorders, nerve or muscle disease, and others, require written authorization from your PCP before passing your DOT physical exam.

Image by Bruno van der Kraan


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